Collection: Dark Chocolates

Get ready for the ultimate chocolate experience with our 70% Truth or Dare Dark Chocolates!

All of our chocolates feature Arriba Nacional Heirloom Cacao from Ecuador. This highly aromatic cacao will lure you in with its complex fruity nuances and mouth-watering caramel notes.  For the best experience, don't just bite into this chocolate. Snap a piece off and place it on your tongue. Let the chocolate melt in your mouth while you slip into the pleasures of its exquisite flavors.

In addition to the exquisite flavors, we top it off with a fun Truth or Dare game! Our chocolate molds are stamped with Truth or Dare on each of the squares. Inside each individual box we provide a card with QR code linking to over 100 Truth or Dares to choose from.  There's a Family and Friend version as well as an Adult Couples naughty version.  Make it a special occasion with your partner or play with friends and family!