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I’m Chris Lee, the owner and founder of Sinful food. According to my mom, my love for foods started at the very young age of 18 months old.  One of my siblings woke my parents up early in the morning saying I was in the kitchen eating a piece of ham.  My mom came in to find me in the middle of the kitchen floor, chewing on a large bone in ham. I’ve been passionate about cooking since I was a little boy sitting on my mom’s countertop. From my first cookie cookbook in kindergarten and working in my parent’s Spudnut shop, to practicing with master chefs and decades working in the nutrition industry, I’ve been refining my palette and honing my skills for over 40 years. I have also always been a bit naughty and nice.

Welcome to Sinful Food, a place where you can be naughty and nice!  There is no perfection required.  And best of all our Sinful Foods are foods with benefits.

We offer tantalizing foods that help you craft simple yet sinful meals and foods you can take PRIDE in. Sit back and be a SLOTH and enjoy an amazing cup of coffee.  Be the ENVY of the block by the aromas and foods you will create using our Sinful Food. Experience LUST with your adult partner trying our Truth or Dare chocolate game or tasting our mouth-watering balsamic vinegars. For those who like it hot, enjoy the WRATH of our spicy products.  See the GREED when your food is devoured at the table and friends and family asking for more.  GLUTTONY is experienced by partaking of the many Sinful creations you come up with.  We do not encourage eating unhealthily as we want all of you sinners around as long as possible. You know your body best so identify which sins work best for you.

Be the hero of your meals that will taste so good they’ll seem made by professionals. You can choose healthier ingredients that taste better than the ordinary foods you find on shelves. With a few sinful and mindful changes to your cooking routine, you can nourish your body and soul at the same time. Whether you are addicted to juicy steaks or are a strict vegan, our ingredients and foods complement most diets.  

Sinful Food is much more than just food. It’s about savoring and enjoying the true pleasures of life, creating memories with family and friends, and fueling your body full of healthy foods. Our alluring products and simple recipes will help you create desirable meals that are so good, everyone from the pickiest kids to gourmet foodies will be tempted to come back for more.

Join me, let’s make a difference in the foods we serve and create fun and long lasting memories together with Sinful Food.

Chris Lee


Sinful Food LLC