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Our Mission is to simply please you and others with our gourmet, high quality foods that were specially crafted to captivate each and every one of your senses.

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Sinful Food's Story

My passion for food began when I was a little boy and was actively encouraged by my family along the way.

I loved sitting on Mom’s counter top, anxious to add the next ingredient to the delicious meals she would prepare. My love of food was also nurtured by my grandmother, who took me to a fancy restaurant in Monterey, California. She also arranged for an exclusive tour through the kitchen where I was privileged to meet the master chef. He took the time to mentor me in his craft and after we had eaten an amazing lunch he hand delivered a beautiful plate of chocolate mousse to me, a masterpiece that he had put his heart into making for a very inspired child.


When it came time for my first book order at school I eagerly chose a cookie cookbook, which had a special recipe for each month. After the second the bell rang at the end of the day I ran for home, anxious to begin my baking.

There is nothing that brings more joy to me than cooking a warm delicious meal for friends and family. In that vein, I'm always exploring new and exciting ways to make delicious, mouth-watering dishes. Eventually that led me to begin experimenting with making seasoning for meats. The first product I made was specifically made for my favorite meat: salmon. I cooked for about 200 people at work, and even individuals that didn’t like salmon at all said they loved it. Kids also love my seasoning on salmon; parents have been shocked by how much their kids liked it when I have sent it home for them to try.

One day I was camping next to the Provo River and I was cooking some salmon for dinner. A fly fisherman came up and started talking to me, commenting on how good the food smelled. I offered him some and he said “I can’t take your food". I assured him that we had plenty, so eagerly consented to give it a try. He took a bite and his eyes literally rolled back as he closed them, savoring the food. He responded with great excitement, “this is so good, it’s just wrong” and repeated the statement a couple of times. I offered him some to take home to his wife and placed a nice big piece in some foil and off he went.

The next evening the fisherman showed up again and admitted that the salmon was so good, it hadn’t made it home to his wife. The fisherman's comment, “This is so good it’s just wrong” stuck in my head and was the inspiration for my company name Sinful Food.


Although this seasoning was made specifically for salmon, I soon had individuals telling me that they loved it on beef, pork, chicken, mac and cheese, nachos, potatoes, and even eggs. It was quite simply a hit for a myriad of foods. Individuals told me not to sell it simply as a salmon seasoning, but as a Season All product. With these thoughts in mind I named my original product Sinful Signature Seasoning.

Chris Lee

Owner and CEO of Sinful Food

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Chris Lee

Sinful Food Owner and CEO Chris Lee has dedicated the last 25 years of his career to the nutritional industry.  He is now combining his manufacturing, research & development and marketing expertise along with his passion for cooking and foods to bring this alluring brand to you.

Chris's products have received outstanding reviews worldwide for the high quality, simplicity of use and most of all the amazing taste.



Michaela IMG_9177 (2)

Michaela Rosenthal

Sinful Food Brand Ambassador Michaela Rosenthal has won several national cooking contests and has competed on Food Network (Ultimate Recipe Showdown); as well as being the only non-professional to make it to the semi-finals for Top Chef. She has cooked on Good Morning America with Emeril Lagasse and is one of 16 competitive cooks on the CCC Hall of Fame. Her recipes have been featured in Cooking Light, Gourmet, Good Housekeeping, Rachael Ray Magazine, Taste of Home and the Los Angeles Times.


Monica Cateron

Sinful Food Jr.Brand Ambassador Monica Cateron began her recipe developing adventure as a young military wife in Texas in 1983, where she won the grand prize in the Fort Worth Star Telegram's Annual Recipe Contest. Many other local and regional contests followed over the years. Monica not only participates in recipe contests, she has also judged! Her favorite judging experience was at the 2015 Adair County Fair as a judge in the 4H Pride of Iowa Recipe Contest judging junior chefs. She is active in the Iowa blogging community where she has worked with the Iowa Pork Producers and Wellmark, and writes her own food blog, Rockin' the Kitchen. She has had recipes featured in a number of local cookbooks and is working on her first cookbook.

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